We are experienced practitioners and teachers of Hatha yoga, a branch of yoga that seeks to connect body and mind through physical and breathing practises. Our backgrounds include different forms of Hatha yoga - Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananada, Yin, and Vinyasa Flow. Our sequences are influenced by all these styles as well as non 'yoga' movement therapies - Tai Chi, Body Mind Centering, Alexander Technique and Sports Science. Mindfulness meditation is a foundational aspect of yoga at The Yoga Space.

Our aim is to integrate the Buddhist psychology of mindfulness into the practice of yoga.  This leads to increased presence in everyday life, and this is the key to improving  quality of life.  We practice a dynamic sequence of postures in a continuous flow, with movement linked to breath. Through regular practice our students learn to use their body and breath awareness to centre and ground themselves on and off the mat.


Our Style We've used our experience to developed a variety of unique flowing sequences that we believe are more suited to the Western physique and the physical issues that arise from Western movement habits, especially the extended periods of sitting or over use of certain muscles groups through sports pursuits. Our emphasis for the body is on the cultivation of strength, flexibility,  stamina, and body mindfulness.  Our flow sequences focus on different areas of the body and aim to provide a complete fitness regime. Our focus for the mind is on the development of awareness through mindfulness of body and breath.


Personal Attention We believe that the most efficient way of teaching is to provide clear instructions together with verbal or hands-on personal adjustments so students can experience in their bodies what is possible.  We all have different bodies so what makes sense for one person will not necessarily make sense for another. We don't simply instruct a class; we teach individuals within a class. It's the personal attention makes all the difference!

The Main Components

Mindfulness staying in the present moment, settling our awareness into bodily sensations, breath awareness &                        letting thoughts go.

Vinyasa       flow linking breath and movement to keep heat in the body and build stamina.

Bandhas     muscular and energy locks to protect the body, and generate and control the flow of energy.

Breath       is the central focus. Natural uncontrolled breathing awareness and specific pranayamas

Dristi         gaze points to develop strong attention and aid mindfulness.

In combination these five elements create a powerful practice generating internal heat and circulating a vital energy throughout the body, strengthening and purifying the nervous system.

Benefits of Hatha Flow Yoga:

  • creates physical and mental well-being

  • builds strength, flexibility, and stamina

  • increases muscle tone

  • develops confidenceand joy

  • develops mental focus and presence in the moment

  • provides a  cardiovascular workout

  • reduces stress

  • strengthens breathing

  • builds inner heat for detoxification


Our Classes

General Level classes    cater for all levels of experience and ability.  Gentler modifications are always offered                                      if some postures are too challenging so we can include all levels in every class.

Beginners' courses         gentle methodical introduction to the basic principles of Hatha flow yoga.

Next Level courses       a bridge between the Beginners and General levels, gradually introducing more                                              challenging postures.    

Private tuition             contact Rod rodwatson1@gmail.com