It's the Personal Attention that makes the Difference!

Our yoga blends  Buddhist mindfulness with Iyengar, Hatha & Ashtanga yoga in a unique Vinyasa Flow. Our focus is on body awareness and conscious breathing. We specialize in individual adjustments and precise alignment to promote a safe and challenging experience.


On-line And Studio


New Beginners' Course 22 July to 19 August details

Meditation Session 12.30 to 1.30 Wednesdays

  Practice and Discussion. Beginners welcome

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Full Ashtanga Primary Series Flow Audio

Daily Meditations for Mindfulness 

special Offer - 20% off Rod's  latest mp3 audio.  Deepen your mindfulness with these 5 guided practices, each covering a different aspect of awareness and acceptance.

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